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Abel Trujillo talks about being a UFC Octagon noob and feeling like a Spartan going to war

If you ever want to know what it feels like to be a Spartan warrior going into battle, just get 'six months of sprawl training' and a contract with the UFC and you can find out for yourself. Luckily it's really not that easy or the we'd all be running around various parts of the world after our Spartan Octagon moment with a new found King Leonidas warrior mental complex and hurling arrows at people that cut us off in traffic as though they were the evil Xerses himself.

It takes a whole lot more hard work, training and fighting to earn that UFC Octagon spot and Spartan warrior feeling. For Abel Trujillo it took around 3 years of training, 14 pro fights and months of Blackzillian camp beatings to finally get his shot as a noob in the prestigious 8 sided UFC battleground. And go to battle he did this past weekend at UFC on FOX 5 against Marcus LeVesseur when he dished out a two round beating that ended in a second round TKO via unrelentingly repeated knees to the body. Check out this footage LayzieTheSavage picked up of Trujillo talking about the fight, training with the Blackzillian camp and feeling like a Spartan Warrior in the UFC.


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