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Watch highlights of Andrei Arlovski's day at the firing range where he gets shot at while holding a riot shield

The concept of Andrei Arlovski standing behind a riot shield while bullets fall to the ground in front of him is as close to a non-CGI version of the Matrix that will ever exist. Maybe next week, Andrei will go skydiving with one of those fancy wing suits and complete the transformation into a real-life NeoWhen he gets to the ground, an awesome fight scene can commence with him beating up hundreds of men wearing suits. Considering Arlovski is a former UFC Champion, there’s no better candidate for the job. Unfortunately, we live in the real world, and sanctioning bodies only allow him to fight one person at a time; and that person is Mike Hayes on December 16th in Moscow, Russia. As he prepares for that fight, watch him spend a relaxing day at the gun range as part of his Russian press tour.

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