• Written by Bauzen

Yesterday Alan Belcher nailed Ben Askren in the face with a pie Three Stooges style and we have video

This video is only one day old, but there are already conspiracy theories that this video was financed by Zuffa and has deeper implications.  We’re not sure if Alan Belcher was provided with whipped cream by a UFC executive or whether (or not) his family was held hostage until he carried out his mission, all we know is that a pie ends up in Ben Askren’s face, and it’s hilarious.  Sure, video could be a metaphor, and this pie is the first step in the UFC seeking to humiliate Bellator.  Another theory is that that it’s just a pie to the face between teammates, and a subsequent video will probably follow in the coming days with some-sort of retaliation.  Who says you have to join the Ultimate Fighter reality show to have childish fun amongst the best athletes in the world?


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