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According to this guy, UFC's James Head was a massive bully in high school

According to this guy, UFC's James Head was a massive bully in high school

If James Head nicknamed himself 'Giving' and inserted his moniker in between his first and last name, he would immediately make his mark in UFC history. This past weekend at The Ultimate Fighter 16 Finale, James Head was on the business end of a blitzkrieg of strikes by the skilful hands of Mike Pyle which eventually led to his second loss inside UFC's Octagon. After his TUF 16 bout, Reddit reader morningsaystoidleon retold a story of how James Head used to brutally and relentlessly bully him in high school.

So this is James Head. In high school, he was relentless--every day in Spanish class, he'd sit next to me, as my father was the school principal.

"Hey, how's it going?" he said one day. "....fine," I said, wondering why this big kid was talking to me. "You're a faggot," he said, matter-of-fact. "....OK," I said, fiddling with my bitchin' No Fear trapper keeper. "I'm beating the shit out of you after school."

And so on, for the entire year. Most psychopathic dude I knew. I'd go to sleep at night dreading the next day. The only real joy I got each day was Newsradio, which was on in the mornings and made me laugh my ass off before I went to school to get mentally destroyed by this monster-fuck dickpiece.

So my friend comes over to my house today and shows me this video. I'm not a huge schadenfreude guy, but Joe Rogan describing my high school bully get bloodied and beaten...anyways, I know it's not right for me to enjoy this, but I thought I'd share for the weirdness of it all. AMA.

If this is true then it's clear that Mayhem Miller needs to get James Head on the next episode of Bully Beatdown. Of course, that means getting Mayhem Miller back his MTV show -- which may be an issue after his naked church adventure.

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