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This guy has 20 solid reasons why he feels WWE is better than UFC, and none of them are valid

This guy has 20 solid reasons why he feels WWE is better than UFC, and none of them are valid

Everyone thought pro wrestling was real at one point or another in their lives. At least, that’s what I tell myself to justify how silly I was. I’m not sure what happened between then and now, but the last few times I tuned in to watch WWE, there was far more talking than wrestling and the characters are far less creative than the Bushwackers. I miss those guys. They made great role models for everyone that lived South of Pennsylvania.

In any case, the UFC has surpassed WWE’s popularity on PPV while pro wrestling still dominates free television time slots and there has been a decade long debate on which form of entertainment is better. It’s much like the ongoing debates of male vs female, chocolate vs vanilla, cats vs dogs, Jon Jones vs Bud Light, etc. This guy has concluded the debate, and has 20 reasons why he thinks WWE is better than the UFC and he even added a ‘You mad?” at the end, so we felt obligated to share it.


0 # WWEisGreaterthanUFC 2014-07-17 17:14
Why don't you write about your own ideas instead of taking this video... Even if there are no valid reasons, (which there are.) There is no doubt WWE is better than the UFC. just to shorten it, WWE-Punches.Kicks.Slams.Dives.Tables.Hammers.Chairs.
Tables.Fire.Tacks.Ladders.Slams off Ladders. UFC-Kicks.Punch es.Punches.Punc hes.slams (very few).Punches.Hu gs.Punches.Nort h South Position (basically UFC i trying to make a guy sitting on another guys face legal on Television).
0 # WWEisGreaterthanUFC 2014-07-17 17:15
Argue all you want idc

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