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Check out the 20-second fight that almost ended in a double KO

Check out the 20-second fight that almost ended in a double KO

First off, yes there are zombies in this world and yes Korea has an ample amount of them. In 2008, Korea released its first zombie flick entitled GP506 and it will probably grab your favorite zombie film by the neck, slap it around a bit and steal its wallet. I'm not sure if the movie was inspired by Chan Sung 'The Korean Zombie' Jung, but if it was, cut the dude a royalty check.

If you've learned anything from watching The Walking Dead then you'll know the only true way to kill a zombie is aim directly for their head. Any other attack on their body is just a futile attempt that will undoubtedly end in failure. Since Korea has a obsession with creating zombies and pitting them inside a cage, it's no surprise that at Road FC 5 Night of Champions we witnessed yet another instance in which the undead fought as the undead. Check out this 20-second bout between Kim Jong-dae and Lee Dool-hee that nearly ended in a double KO. Props to Sherdog's van1ty for the find.


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