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Chris Lytle tells us there's a chance he may come back to MMA

Chris Lytle tells us there's a chance he may come back to MMA

A huge LOL if you sincerely believe you could have scripted a better ending to an MMA career than what played out the night of UFC Live: Hardy vs. Lytle. In probably one of the most elevating blood rate inducing free cards since the days of WEC, we witnessed a potpouri of slick submissions, mind deadening knockouts and (get ready for it) entertaining decisions. However, more importantly we saw the retirement of Chris Lytle, which was punctuated by a last second guillotine of Dan Hardy. One could argue that it would have been wise for Dan Hardy to back off in the final seconds of the fight and possibly grab a split-decision, but the need to grab the round resulted in Lytle nearly stealing Hardy's consciousness at the 4:17 mark.

It's been 496 days since Chris Lytle graced the Octagon and it seems as if the entire industry has forgotten the amazingness that is Lights-Out. I guess people don't care that Lytle grabbed ten 'Of the Night' bonuses in his last twelve UFC fights prior to retirement or that he did something in his last fight against Dan Hardy that Georges St. Pierre couldn't do in twenty-five minutes of fighting. LayzieTheSavage caught up with Chris Lytle last week and he told us there's a small chance that he may come out of retirement to fight once again.

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