• Written by Bauzen

Michael Johnson has a gift for UFC Fans this holiday season, and he even made a music video about it

We’re glad someone at the Blackzillian’s camp decided to start making music videos starring their MMA fighters: It’s long overdue. We also couldn’t be any happier that they decided to remake SNL’s famous “D*ck in a Box” jingle that took over the western world faster than Gangnam Style and Justin Bieber combined (none of that is true).  We're not sure if Michael Johnson will quit his fighting career in the UFC to do this full time, but we’re totally behind him if he chooses to.

On second thought, that’s bad advice.  We’d actually rather see him fight than become a pop star.  It’s hard to imagine a scenario where he could ever look as cool as Alistair Overeem did in that LMFAO video.  We certainly applaud his efforts though.  In fact, we’ve even put the video on the front page of MiddleEasy to show him how much we dig it.


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