• Written by Bauzen

This is Mike Swick grappling with the biggest US Soldier we’ve ever seen

The folks in the US Armed Services are some pretty brave men and women. They put their lives on the line so that we can write moderately entertaining articles about them getting submitted by UFC fighters on their quests to protect freedom. They also defend our right to eat tacos at 4:00 AM from vendors of questionable immigration status. I’d offer to buy them all a tall glass of horchata, but United States Postal Service doesn't like it when you lie on the customs forms about packages containing perishable liquid items being sent to the Middle East. Until they get home, an IOU will have to do. In the meantime, check out Mike Swick demonstrating that size means nothing when your Jiu Jitsu game is tighter than Shogun’s Vale Tudo shorts.

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