• Written by Bauzen and LayzieTheSavage

Phil Baroni had to walk his dog, so we went with him and discussed his entire MMA career

A long time ago, I found myself randomly sitting next to Phil Baroni at a bar in New York City.  We spent several hours reminiscing about Pride and downing more Jameson shot than any fraternity consumes in a calendar year; then I attempted to ride my bicycle home.  I woke up passed out on my doorstep covered in bruises with a bent set of bicycle handlebars.  Turns out I was hit by a car and I didn’t even know it until the following morning.  Every part of that story is true, but the details were lost in the drunken binge.  Since then, I’ve longed for the chance to best the NYBA in a drinking rematch that doesn’t involve a bicycle.  Your day will come, Baroni.  In the meantime, LayzieTheSavage caught up with him in Las Vegas while he was walking his dog.  Check out this walk through memory lane and the comparisons between his cardio to his dog’s inability complete a lap around the block without getting tired.

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