• Written by Bauzen and LayzieTheSavage

Dana White says that if he ran Bellator, he’d try to bite the UFC’s marketing and TV time too

Last week, UFC fans around the country may have been caught of guard by the Bellator advertisements during the TUF finales. It looks as though FOX did a poor job of defending itself intelligently at all times, and the end result was a catchy jingle equipped advertisement for the UFC’s biggest competitor. As MMA fans, we don’t care as long as it means more ass-kicking contests on free TV, but from a business standpoint, it certainly looked like a bold move by Bellator’s parent company, Viacom. We’re not sure if Bellator will ever surpass the UFC’s popularity however they spend their marketing budget, but we’re glad that Dana White took the time to break this all down for us. Turns out, if he ran Bellator, he’d do the same thing. He also says that he’d make the Bellator look as much like the UFC as possible. Damn, I was just starting to like the tournament style of competition…

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