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Road FC CEO claims the UFC is killing Korean MMA

Road FC CEO claims the UFC is killing Korean MMA

Let me be the first to say that Road FC’s CEO Mun Hong Jung claim of the UFC killing Korean MMA is highly inaccurate. Korean fighters are born from the undead, therefore it's simply impossible to kill a crew of zombies. You can, but it requires an expertise in sniping and the ability to pull-off direct decapitations through the use of a machete or some large sword-type blade. Dana White is just reenforcing the zombie method of brawling that Korean fighters have perfected. You can't kill something that's already dead, folks.

Mun Hong Jung recently gave an interview with Korea's MFight and stated the UFC is 'cancerous' to Korean MMA. Check out a few excepts translated by our buds at The Fight Nation.

In a recent interview with MFight Mun Hong Jung openly admits that he finds it “deplorable that the UFC acquires fighters without any dealing or negotiating with the other promotions”. According to ROAD FC, while the UFC does not strong arm fighters to join the promotion, they do contact fighters who are even under contract with the South Korean promotion and starts negotiation. Mr Jung claimed that,”it’s just like a robber.”

ROAD FC has claimed...the current practice of acquiring fighters by the UFC is “just a vulgar way to get the fighter”. Mr. Jung emphasizes that the “UFC is killing each nation’s own promotions like ROAD FC.”

“If ROAD FC is beaten by UFC, then there will be no improvement in Korean MMA and much less opportunities for fighters will lead less produce of good talents at all. As a result, with a long term perspective, UFC’s business style has bad influence on not only Korean MMA but also bad for the improvement of most countries’ MMA.” said Mr. Jung.

Woah. I'm not even sure if I'm qualified to give a follow up statement to the verbal daggers Mun Hong Jung just flung at Dana White. I'll just sit here and eat my sugar-free blueberry cake. It's delicious. Trust me.

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