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Firas Zahabi says he's not paranoid about spies in Tristar, but he's a little concerned

Firas Zahabi says he's not paranoid about spys in Tristar, but he's a little concerned

Forget what's going on in Syria, the real spygate happened last year between Jon Jones and Rampage Jackson. For those not familiar with the story, you can read one of our previous articles, or just settle for the following one sentence explanation. Rampage made up an injury, it leaked out, Rampage claimed there was a spy in his camp, Jones and his camp denied it. Rampage then appeared on ESPN and claimed the spy in his camp was named 'Leonard.' After one of our readers searched MusclePharm's financial records, he saw that on SEC filings someone named 'Leonard Armenta' resigned from the company on September 16th 2011. That's the level our readers will go to discovery espionage within a camp. You guys are just self-contained Inspector Gadgets when it comes to gym spies. Now let's hope Firas Zahabi never needs your assistance at Tristar in the immediate future.

We caught up with the head of Tristar gym to get his take on Rory MacDonald potentially fighting George St. Pierre -- along with the spies that may emerge in the gym. Check it out or hate yourself forever.

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