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Wake up and watch Cosmo Alexandre go 160 miles per hour before you even finish pouring your morning coffee

Cosmo Alexandre's fight nick name is 'Good Boy' which seems like that must be some kind of twisted joke because he does a whole bunch of badass stuff. He's currently signed to Bellator and has won 5 of his six pro MMA fights in Bellator, just recently avenging his debut pro MMA fight loss to Josh Quayhagen when he beat him in the rematch via unanimous decision on November 10th. Alexandre isn't just an MMA badass though, prior to MMA he fought over 50 pro kickboxing fights and held multiple world titles in the beautiful art of kicking the utter crap out of another human being. He's even fought a couple of boxing matches in his combat sports career.

His badassery doesn't end in the cage or ring though. When he isn't training with the Blackzilian team down in Florida he kicks back and chills out by going about 160 mph around a track teetering only inches from potentially skin ripping road rash inducing blazing hot asphalt. Here's what he had to say when we asked him if the rush of racing his motorcycle sport bike is anything like how he feels prior to a fight:

"It's like a fight against myself . Nobody says when you need to start braking, so you need to think if you start now, or almost in the is against your fear. I cant explain 100% even in Portuguese (haha) but it's almost what I feel when I fight."

This guy has kicked a plethora of ass all over the world and toyed with the laws of gravity and the physics of speed and velocity and the rest of us have barely managed to make it out the door without spilling our morning coffee all over us and still manages to go by the nickname 'Good Boy'. Maybe we can all start taking some living life lessons from Cosmo Alexandre, until then check out this clip he sent us of one of his track runs and get inspired to go out and kick this Friday in the bum.

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