• Written by LayzieTheSavage and Jason Nawara

Dana isn't a fan of unique walkouts, but in Erik Perez's case he'll make an exception

Let it be known that we here at MiddleEasy are 100% pro Luchador. The wrestling culture in Mexico is a thing of beauty, and probably 90% of the most mind-blowing things we've ever seen in a pro wrestling match have come from the army of luchadores flying through the air night after night.  If it were up to us, it would be mandatory for humans to watch a couple awesome matches a year. Or at least this highlight once in their lives.

Luchador to me is strictly pro wrestling, but in Mexico, the mask stands for something more - a way of life and a code that one carries with themselves through signifying their heritage. Outside of Tom Lawlor, the UFC is extremely strict with walkout attire and antics, so much so that they didn't want Erik Perez to wear a luchador mask out to the Octagon for his fight against Byron Bloodworth this Saturday. Through much pleading, Erik Perez and his camp finally got Dana White to give the thumbs up on the mask. This is what Erik told Kevin Iole about the way of the luchador:

"When I was a child, the masked warriors were people who never gave up, never stopped fighting no matter the odds, and fought with pride and warrior spirit," Perez said. "I think all Latinos are luchadors, maybe not in the Octagon, but in life, and by putting on the mask, I become each and every one of them and they become me."

Our LayzieTheSavage got Dana White's take yesterday.

Very cool.

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