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Jim Miller drowns Joe Lauzon in a pool of blood and gets the win at UFC 155

Jim Miller drowns Joe Lauzon in a pool of blood and gets the win at UFC 155

If Dexter visited the Octagon in the MGM Grand Garden Arena after Joe Lauzon vs. Jim Miller at UFC 155, it would be scientifically impossible for him to evaluate what occurred tonight. To the naked eye, the UFC canvas looks like someone filled a Super Soaker with Type A blood and had a multi-player water-gun fight for fifteen minutes. Joe Lauzon wasn't gassed in his fight against Jim Miller. Not at all. The dude was just suffering from a traumatic loss of blood.

Leave it to two East Coasters to save UFC 155 from a sea of unanimous decisions and lack-luster stoppages. One of our Twitter followers also noted that Lauzon vs. Miller was a battle of fighters with brothers named Dan -- amazing observation.

It's hard to encapsulate what transpired between Miller vs. Lauzon without using crimson oil paints and a very large paint brush. Just imagine a cut opening above Joe's eye the size of Niel Bohr's Atomic Theory and then the entire thing leaking profusely over the canvas. Now picture Joe Lauzon flipping the 'Irish Zombie' switch on the back of his head and moving forward like human civilization depended on it. Although it hasn't been announced yet, we would like to congratulate Joe Lauzon on his 12th 'Of the Night' bonus in his UFC career. Now use that money and go buy a copy of Battlefield 3 and be a real gamer. Call of Duty just doesn't cut it.

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