• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Erik Perez and Ariel Helwani feel like superheroes in their nifty luchador masks

Last night was an amazing evening to be a Mexican fighter in the UFC. It was an even better month for Mexican fans around the world who watched Juan Manuel Marquez end Manny Pacquiao’s career and Cain Velasquez get his heavyweight championship belt back from Junior Dos Santos. Slightly overlooked, Erik Perez’ UFC career is off to a great start with three first round finishes, including his incredible performance at UFC 155. With a win over Byron Bloodworth, he’s got a lot to be happy about, and he credits his rawesomeness to the superhero strength contained within his luchador mask. Here he is, chatting it up with Ariel Helwani post UFC 155. And yes, you can get your very own superhero mask on eBay, but we can’t promise you it’ll win you fights in the UFC unless you’re Erik Perez.

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