• Written by MiddleEasy @MiddleEasy

Alistair Overeem and Bob Sapp had an arm wrestling match over the weekend, and you’ll never guess who won!

If you’ve ever met Alistair Overeem, or stood in the same room as him, chances are, he’s the biggest person you’ve ever seen at that exact moment.  Sure, if you think back though your entire lifespan, you’ll remember a few football or basketball players that might have been bigger, but for all intent and purposes, Alistair Overeem could kick all of their asses.  Who cares if they can throw a touchdown pass or dunk, Ubereem can knock them out. That makes him the superior humanoid if society starts to crumble and you need friend to get you through the apocalypse.  Those other guys, well, they’d be great for game of catch, and there’s something to be said about staying entertained while society is crumbling and zombies try to consume your brains around every corner.  At least then, you won’t die bored.

Despite being one of the biggest physical specimens in MMA, Bob Sapp is actually much bigger than Alistair Overeem, and with added size comes added strength, but is it enough to stop the K-1, DREAM, and Strikeforce heavyweight champion in an am wrestling match? We thank whatever diety you believe in that someone in Japan put this together so we could all find out together…



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