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The UFC compiled their top ten favorite moments from 2012 into a handy video

Welp, that's it, 2012 is gone and now we are toe-deep into 2013. There's no Mayan apocalypse to worry about, we haven't gone flying off a fiscal cliff Thelma and Louise style, nothing. Now what? Where is the motivation if we aren't threatened with imminent doom? When is the next apocalypse due and where can I find information on it? If it has anything to do with the creepy Denver International Airport then I'm buying what you're selling, that place is clearly built with a sinister purpose in mind. Perhaps this is a cosmic way of letting us know that we shouldn't worry about the Earth's population being decimated amidst cries of agony and final judgment. Maybe...YOLO?

Let's close the book on 2012, the year that delivered us an almost ridiculous amount of mixed martial arts and failed judgment days with this video created by the UFC listing their top ten favorite UFC moments. We think it needs more Overeem, Varner and Dan Hardy. Speaking of Hardy, he was undefeated in 2012. Nice.


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