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Whoa, Lucas Martins is now getting welcomed to the UFC via the limbs of Edson Barboza

Justin Salas was injured during training camp for his upcoming fight with Edson Barboza and is now out of that fight. Luckily for us the fast thinking matchmaker extraordinaire over at the UFC-Joe Silva, came up with a quick and worthy replacement so that we will still get our fix of insane leg kicks from Edson Barboza in a couple of weeks. Lucas Martins is stepping up to replace Justin Salas on short notice for a veteran fighter, but even shorter for someone who is a virgin to the great UFC Octagon.

Yes indeed Lucas Martins is making his UFC debut against Edson Barboza. Martins must be sitting at home drinking an acai infused protein shake and scratching his head wondering what evil acts he must have committed in a past life to earn one of the crowning moments of a fighter's life-the UFC debut via such a formidable opponent. It's a moment where he must be thinking 'OMFG this is is so awesome!' and also wondering if he should fill out his last will and testimony at the same time.

It's kind of like being served a bowl of decadent chocolate truffle gelato topped with salted caramel drizzle and freshly whipped cream only to see a horrifying wiry pubic-region-runaway-hair looming at the top of that pile of mouth watering dessert just as you are about to dive your cold hard spoon into the mound of creamy deliciousness. What an absolute stomach turner it must be to make your UFC debut against Edson Barboza and his sonic boom kicks. Barboza is a guy who blew our frigging minds with an insane spinning heel kick KO to a very slick Terry Etim in January of 2012. That kick just recently was awarded ESPN's KO of the year for 2012. Let's also not forget how he did the TKO'd Mike Lullo at this own UFC debut in 2010 via unrelenting leg kicks that made most of us around here beg for mercy from our couches just from watching the abuse being inflicted upon Lullo's leg.

Those facts alone would intimidate me enough to say screw a UFC debut-I'm going to take up the art of basket weaving instead, but Lucas Martins is a badass dude so he's up for the Barboza challenge. Martins is 11-0 in his career outside of the UFC and only one of those fights went the distance-the rest are all TKOs or submissions in the first two rounds of the fight. Sounds like the makings for what could be a very exciting feast of a fight for our eyes. It goes down in just a couple of weeks on January 19th at the UFC on FX 7 Belfort vs Bisping fight card. [Source]

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