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Check out Joe Lauzon's super bloody UFC 155 fight vlog

Check out Joe Lauzon's super bloody UFC 155 fight vlog

A couple of years ago King Mo mentioned at the Strikeforce: Houston press conference that he never wants to fight a 'war' in an MMA bout. Instead, he wants just a really one-sided fight. Makes complete sense -- besides, who really wants to place their fight career at jeopardy just for a few minutes of television fame? Joe Lauzon shares this same sentiment after his UFC 155 100-year battle against Jim Miller this past weekend. In a recent MMAJunkie interview, Lauzon even said that he would rather not win a 'Fight of the Night' bonus if it means that he will forget his own name.

Joe Lauzon vs. Jim Miller was undoubtedly a brutal display of the various ways blood can leak out of the human body. Fortunately Joe Lauzon created a UFC 155 blog to document all of the unsolicited blood-letting. Be warned, if you're squeamish then this video was simply not made for you.

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